What's Ubiquitous Computing

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“The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.” This is the first sentence of the famous article titled “The Computer for the 21st Century”, which was published in Scientific American in 1991. This famous article built a solid foundation for “Ubiquitous Computing”.

Mark Weiser

23 years later, the MetaGem company was founded based on this concept.

We believe in the vision of Ubiquitous Computing, this is the founding principle of our company and each of our products. MetaGem is the world’s first company to create smart gems, named MetaGem, while also providing all supporting services.

Today’s younger consumer just aren’t buying the traditional jewelry marketing paradigm that worked for previous generations, they derive far more pleasure from their technology purchases. If jewelry used to be the ultimate lover’s gift on birthdays and anniversaries, digital fashion products like the LEDA smart ring are the new way to say I love you.

Computers are now waking us, giving us the news, we are shopping on them, we can go to stores without checking out, it’s controlling temperature, computers are helping refrigeration, helping with cooking, it goes on and on.

The best computer should be a quiet, invisible servant just like the MetaGem. In fact, the MetaGem is a computer for the new generation.

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