What's MetaGem

2017-04-09 | Behind Story | 527 | 0 | MetaGem

MetaGem is a ceramic stone embedded with a digital chip, which offers virtually endless possibilities for wearable applications.

From activity tracking and heart rate monitoring to gesture recognition, a MetaGem can be set in jewelry, just like precious gemstones, or woven seamlessly into everyday garments or objects, in effect serving as a bridge between the technology and fashion lifestyle worlds.

As to the name of MetaGem, Meta can be understood as being beyond the natural state.

in the way that our MetaGems add technology to the traditional gemstone.

For designers, combining digital experience with jewelry design has massively broadened the scope for imagination; previously they could only play with colors, shapes and materials to express the feeling, now they can integrate a complete virtual digital experience, increasing value and enjoyment to the jewelry consumer.

Source: Prothemes

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