LEDA Smart Gem

The smart gem LEDA is the first collection of MetaGem.
It's a brilliant multi-faceted polished cut stone, embedded with digital chips, colored in white,pink,black and blue.

It has many fantastic functions that include: receiving smartphone notification, fitness tracking, SOS safety mode, remote selfie control and playing fun gesture-controlled games.

Core Functions

LEDA take a beautiful and seamless digital experience which
connect users to the content they are interested.


Receiving notifications from smartphone, then glow in a color.

Remote Photography

Triggering camera by touching or shakeing it in a narrow range .

Steps Tracker

Set goals and track your runing,walking and more.

One Touch Trigger

Triggering to control the phone to achieve daily tasks.

Game Center

Playing small mobile games by moving the LEDA gem.


Touching to sending emergency notifications in safety mode.

Great Benefit Of Zirconia

We choose the final merterial from tens of different merterials, the translucent zirconia material looks crystal clear, flawless, it's 8.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.It take the avdvantage as below:

Very Easy to Clean and Maintain.
ithstanding heat and sunlight, Plus, it also withstand detergents quite well.
It looks great yet comfortable to wear even for people with sensitivities.
Durability is the biggest advantage of ceramic pieces over regular jewelry.
It's beauty, but none of the ridiculous maintenance and costs.

Clever Charger For Loose Gems

The charger for the loose gems which have a built-in magnet is designed to be small enough that can be applied to a wide range of jewelry styles,regardless of the design of the ring, bracelet or other accessories.

Such A Severe Quality Standard

LEDA has passed so many sereve qulity testing including Thermal Shock Test,Temperature and Humidity Test,High and low Temperature Test,Salt Spray Test,Sand and Dust Test,Electro-Static Discharge Test,Touch Area Activation Life Test,etc.