The LEDA Smart Ring is a stylish with fine craftsmanship.
It has many cool functions including:
remote camera control, smartphone notifications, gesture-controlled games and SOS safety alarm.
It's the perfect example of
where technology meets fashion.

Smartphone Notification

Using the MGem APP you can set custom color patterns for incoming calls, sms and your favorite apps, which are installed on your phone.

Remote Camera Control

Tired of always the same selfie pose?
Don’t want to carry a selfie stick wherever you go?
Well, prepare to consign that to history.

Connected to your smartphone and within a range of up to 30 feet, you can now use your LEDA smart ring to trigger the camera on your smart phone.Just position your phone, strike your cool pose and then with one touch or shaking your LEDA Ring and you can capture that special moment.

How cool is that!

Gesture Controlled Games

Relaxation,Happiness and Fun

We all need to decompress sometimes. And while your LEDA Ring can help you in so many productive ways, it can also bring some simple fun to help you blow off some steam.

Using the incredible gesture control function, you can play arcade style games on the Metagem App. With new games being developed all the time, your LEDA Ring will surely bring a smile to your face.

Signal Touch Control

Just One Touch For So Much More...

The magic of the LEDA smart ring is not only in its timeless beauty, but also in its astonishing flexibility. Connected to your MGem App, the Single Touch control of the LEDA Ring can be set to control all sorts of functions on your smart phone such as:
activate a fake call to get yourself out of a sticky situation.
switch your phone to silent mode.
control your music player.
send an emergency SMS--only avialabel in safety mode.
lock the screen.
start the timer and more and more...
The MGem App is continuously being updated with even more functions.

Tech Specs

Fine Crafsmanship

Packing List