As a part of our Metagem product family.
In MGEM app, you can manage your Metagem products,
customize your notification, trigger help messages, and etc.

Customize Light Colors

In the MGEM app, you can customize the light color among 6 choices. When the ring shines, you can immediately identify the message type based on the color.

Filter Notifications

Through the MGEM app, you can customize your notification dashboard to only receive alerts from your favorite apps and most important contacts.

Active or Deactived

Using the app, you can also activate or deactivate LEDA smart ring’s alert function.
Under alert mode, if tapped 3 times consecutively, LEDA ring will send out the emergency message.
If the alert mode is deactivated, you phone will not react even you tap the ring.

Manage trusted contacts

You can manage your trusted contact list in the MGEM app and choose those who will receive your emergency message.

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