Quick Guide to Using LEDA ring


To activate, peel off the insulating paper on the ring and charge in charging case.

Sign up the app

Download MGEM app and follow the instructions to register.


Follow the on-screen instructions to connect (“pair”) your LEDA ring to your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Sale Questions of LEDA ring

The LEDA ring by Metagem is a personal safety wearable device that connects via Bluetooth to the MGEM, it allows you to control the app, make hands-free phone calls right by touching the rings.
The metagem app is available free to download and use on both iTunes and Google Play.
The LEDA ring is available directly from our website for $ 79 USD. It can be shipped anywhere in the world for FREE.
The metagem app is available for free for download and use. We will continue to iterate software with more robust features
You can expect get 24 hours of standby time. However, with the included portable charging case you can easily get it charged.
We offer rings with the size of 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 (US Standard). Please follow instructions below to choose your size.
LEDA ring has two designs: white gem coated with color of gold, and pink gem coated with platinum color.

Most Asked Questions

The LEDA ring connects to the MGEM app though a Bluetooth connection with the phone you have the MGEM app on.
To connect the LEDA ring to the app:
1. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth if it’s not already on.
2. Activate the LEDA ring by charging the ring on the charger. The LEDA ring will indicate it is in Bluetooth discovery mode and is looking for pairing.
3. On your phone your Bluetooth should be enabled and be scanning for new devices to pair to. Please give a few seconds for the LEDA ring to appear as a device to pair with. Once it appears simply select the LEDA and your phone should connect with the LEDA ring.
4. If you have successfully connected the LEDA ring to your phone the LEDA ring will turn green, indicating it has successfully connected with your phone and is in standby mode waiting to be triggered. The LEDA ring will also make a confirmation light indicating it has received a signal from your phone.
5. After doing so you will have successfully connected your LEDA ring to the MGEM app and are ready to start logging through the LEDA ring.
The trusted contact list is a key part of the MGEM app. When LEDA ring users face danger, they can tap the ring 3 times and the phone will send an alert message with location to trusted contacts.
All contacts in the list will receive the message.
Trusted Contact List
In MGEM app, click the upper-right icon on the Alert page and choose Contacts in the menu, you will then be directed to Trusted Contacts page and see the list.
Add Trusted Contact
In Trusted Contacts page, click “+” icon in the upper-right corner, you can then add trusted contacts from your phone contacts.
Delete Trusted Contact
In Trusted Contacts page, click “X” sign in the upper right of each contact’s profile picture. You can then click “YES” to delete this person from trusted contact list, and he/she will no longer receiver alert messages.
Yes! With IP67 waterproof, LEDA ring can still work if underwater for 30 minutes.
Your LEDA ring will stay connected and receive notifications as long as you’re within 20-30 feet of your phone. This range can be affected by your phone’s Bluetooth strength, which is subject to interference by walls and other disruptions.
It is definitely possible to use two phones with one LEDA ring. The one caveat is that you have to completely disconnect from one phone and reconnect to the other each time you switch. It doesn't take long to do but must be done each time.
To add your apps into notification dashboard, click “+”sign in the upper right of notification page in MGEM app, and you can choose from our app liFust. If the app you want is not in our list, feel free to email us at service@metagem.com and we will soon update the system.
Users can customize the ring’s light color among 6 choices: red, purple, ble, green, yellow, and pink. More color choices will make it hard for users to differentiate. And if you have over 6 important tasks at the same time, perhaps it’s the time to find a new method to work.
Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon
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